Monday, February 8, 2010

one a day again.

This weekend I was talking to some friends about the idea of "one a day" blogs. We wondered what a person would do seven months in when the ideas were starting to run dry. How do you cope with comiting to a 365 day project when you're on day 298 and you are out of ideas?

But after looking at my new favorite internet project and another wonderful daily project by Amy Thibodeau called Lost and Looking. I have been inspired to try my hand at a once a day project.

I love the one-a-day project idea (of course I do since I did one with Rachel Ellison almost two years ago) but I'm not sure if i have the discipline to keep something like that up for a full year. But I'm gonna try? We will see how that goes? maybe a one-a-week project?... already trying to get out of this?

The last time I did the one a day project I used conversations about the prior day to inspire quick line embroideries. At the time i thought a full years worth sewn into a quilt would be a beautiful goal. So lets see what happens? Now to pick a start date.


  1. I wanna do this thing where i get one person a day to give me the figer, and itll be a fashion blog, amirite?????

  2. hahaha i'm totally stealing that idea!