Friday, January 29, 2010

cold days.

I made a quilt block for the Ontario Green Belt: Quilt of Possibilities this little guy's pretty funny. I was supposed to write a bit about my experiences in the Green Belt of Ontario. So I wrote about going ice fishing last winter, which was a really fun time in a really shitty year. There are photos and video from the day, but i no longer have access to them, bummer. The one video was of me killing a minnow, which at the time I thought was the first live animal I had ever killed with my bare hands. I was wrong about that. When I was a kid I killed a snake in my neighbors basement with my two paws. Serious trauma. But i digress, i sewed this block. I hope I can go ice fishing again sometime soon. It really was a nice day.

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  1. I'm super bummed about the poor quality of that detail shot... i will fix it in the morning.